DRS Environmental Inc.

We have been in the drainfield and septic business for 25 years. We began restoring septic systems in Central Oregon, and later expanded selling the same industrial quality products to restore drainfields and septic systems for home use. Our specific microbial formulas are vital in our bio-remediation process. We are also licensed contractors in the state of Oregon. After over a decade of research, testing, and formulating several microbial products, we created Biospan. 

Our microbial formulas are the most biologically advanced waste management formulas available for home, or industrial use. Many competitors claim to have the "strongest" or "best" formula in the world without facts and test data to substantiate their claims. Please review our test data and statistics that prove Biospan to be the most effective product on the market.

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We guarantee our products to be the most biologically advanced, and effective formulas, for bio-remediation.