Waste Treatment Facility

Fifth Avenue Lift Station and Outgoing Sewage Line (Purge of Grease)
Waste Treatment Facility’s Anaerobic Digesters (Biogas Increases)
The city waste treatment facility authorized tests on the industrial lift station located
on fifth avenue. This lift station was chosen because of its high organic loading rates
(approximately 3.5 tons/week), with a surface crust depth of 4 feet composed of 85%
animal fats and 15% salt/hair mixed.

Treatment procedures for grease removal and improved biogas production was to
place numerous biocat formulated biofilters below the water line of the lift station’s
wet well. The amount of biofilters used in this particular treatment was increased to
provide adequate bioactivity for improved biogas production downstream at the sewage
treatment facility.

It had been noted by sewage maintenance staff that this particular lift station functioned
only on week days and had an adequate liquids retention time between pumpings
which was helpful in our treatment process.
From start to finish the testing was monitored by sewage maintenance staff. Constant
monitoring of the project showed a substantial decrease in odours and the grease
accumulation dropping from 4 feet to less than 6 inches in a 3 week period. Within
this same time frame, the overall biogas production at the waste treatment facility
increased approximately 30%.

The above test period commenced April 4, 1991 and successfully concluded May 3,
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